A Goldilocks Taiwan Trip

A Goldilocks Taiwan Trip

As the ke ai title I’ve given this post suggests, 2 weeks in Taiwan is the perfect trip—not too long, not too short. Assuming you plan well and travel intently, you can see most major Taiwan destinations in this amount of time.

This isn’t a given of course: Two weeks is going to fly by if your trip to Taiwan is rudderless, if you simply arrive in Taipei without a plan or even an intention.

If, on the other hand, you read my recommendations intently—even if you don’t follow them precisely—you’re going to be on easy street. You’ll be on your way to a complete trip plan by the time you finish reading this post!

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Why Two Weeks in Taiwan is the Perfect Trip

As is the case with 3 weeks in Japan or Thailand, 2 weeks in Taiwan is an absolutely perfect amount of time to explore this small (but not too small!) country. If you’ve got a couple of weeks, you don’t need to pick and choose. You can visit a wide variety of destinations, but without having to feel like you’re simply on a touch-and-go mission (except, of course, for when this is appropriate).

Two weeks is also a great amount of time to explore Taiwan, from a psychological standpoint. It’s short enough that you won’t be burnt out, but long enough that you won’t feel as if you’ve missed out. Plus, if you’re coming from far abroad, it’s long enough that you can enjoy at least half of it without any lingering jet lag! This isn’t necessarily true if you spend just a week in Taiwan (for example).

Places to Visit With 2 Weeks in Taiwan

Taipei and Vicinity


One of the benefits of having two weeks in Taiwan instead of just one? You can expand your stay in the capital—this is very much worth it. In addition to enjoy more of the things to do in Taipei I’ve mentioned here, you can take more day trips. Instead of needing to choose between hiking at Yangmingshan and enjoying Taiwan’s foodie culture in Keelung (as two examples), you can do both, and then some.

Hualien and Taroko Gorge


Continue your 2 weeks in Taiwan by heading east, ideally in a rental car. Your first stop? The city of Hualien, located in along the north-central coast of the country. Hualien’s charming center and tasty night market notwithstanding, it also serves as the gateway to scenic Taroko Gorge, which you can visit on an excursion from town or as a multi-day jaunt.

Taitung, Kenting and the East Coast Scenic Route


Leaving Hualien behind, head south along the aptly-characterized East Coast Scenic Route. After passing through Yuli County and its picturesque rice paddies, stop at San Xian Tai, or the Bridge of the Three Immortals. While I’d personally recommend spending at least one night in Taitung, you might simply pass through, stopping at stunning Taimali Beach en route to famous Kenting National Park.



You’ll wrap up your Taiwan road trip in Kaohsiung, near whose train station I’d recommend dropping off your car before you get to exploring in earnest. Attractions that make this southern metropolis worthy of a few days of your 2 weeks in Taiwan include the Dragon and Tiger Pagodas in the city center, as well as Fo Guang Shan Monastery on the outskirts.

Taichung, Tainan or Chiayi


As you head back up Taiwan’s west coast to Taipei (likely via high speed rail), you’ll have time to stop in one of the cities between Kaohsiung and the capital, but not all three. In order, you have Chiayi (which is within day-trip distance of scenic Alishan), the former Taiwanese capital of Tainan and Taichung, an underrated city that’s a stone’s throw away from beautiful Sun Moon Lake.

Other Ways to Spend 2 Weeks in Taiwan

So far, I’ve described a two-week Taiwan trip that caters to first-time travelers—or at least, people who haven’t really explore Taiwan outside of Taipei. But what if you’ve already explored Taiwan’s tourist trail? There are a few weeks you can modify this trip to suit your needs. The first would simply be to dig deep into one region, whether that’s an extended east coast road trip, or longer stays in any of Taiwan’s cities.

A very unique option for spending 2 weeks in Taiwan would be to explore most or all of Taiwan’s outlying islands. These include Penghu and Lanyu, which are close to the Taiwanese cities of Kaohsiung and Taitung, respectively, as well as the Mazu and Kinmen island groups, which sit closed to mainland China even though they belong to Taiwan.

Plan Your Trip to Taiwan

Whether you end up spending two weeks in Taiwan (or two years, like I’m on the verge of doing), not everyone has the time or energy to sit down and plan. Which is not to say I haven’t given you enough ammunition. This is one of more than 100 articles I’ve written, after all; I’m always publishing new ones, especially when I’m “out in the field” doing my own discovery and exploration.

Some of you can’t be bothered—and that’s fine: You can hire me to plan your Taiwan trip. I’ll sweat the details for you—you can focus on actually sweating in sweltering Taiwan!

The Bottom Line

If you’ve read all the way up to this point, you’re well on your way to kicking off your 2 weeks in Taiwan. There are many ways to approach this—do you take the “all of Taiwan” route, and spend a day or two in each of Taiwan’s major destinations, or do you hunker down and explore one city or region? Or, are you returning to Taiwan after having already seen a cross section of the country, with the intent of digging deeper, be that into culture, cuisine or nature? In any case I imagine you’ve gained a great number of insights over the past few paragraphs—I hope you’ll continue exploring my Taiwan travel blog!


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